Ages: 10+ • Hello Sunshine Press: Student Newspaper

$45 usd
Wed Nov 13, 9:30 AM - Wed Dec 18, 10:30 AM (EST)
Sunflower Studio, Bethel, CT, USA  

Breaking news: Hello Sunshine Press has launched and is ready for you and your work to shine!

Students can enroll at any time, contact us to register after the first class or with any questions you may have! Note: This listing is for the Wednesday at 9:30am class.

One of my favorite classes to teach, this class will cover all departments of a newspaper and each student will have a chance to work through each department with various assignments during the course of the year. Students will learn about aesthetically appealing layouts, marketing, writing, photography basics, and more!

At the end of each session, the newspaper is printed through the Bethel Gazette (it’s got to look like a legit newspaper!) and two copies will be given to each student to take home. One newspaper is produced every session. Student will also be publishing their work online via social media and through blogging as well. (without direct student identifiers, of course!)

This class is a great way to encourage reluctant writers to write and with a variety of non-writing “departments”, is ideal for them to feel part of the overall project without extensive writing abilities.

This class is designed for multiple ages so that all of our Sunshine Crew can participate. Older students may be asked to help assist younger students with editing and will eventually earn the title of Newspaper Co-Editors. Leadership is encouraged and students may be promoted to Department Heads and help to take ownership of a department that they have shown an aptitude towards.

DISCLAIMER: Students need to work on their assignments at home and may need a computer for research and writing.

Adrianne Roberts

Director of Wonder & Lead Educator
Sunflower Studio, Bethel, CT, USA
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