Ages 6-9 • Earth/Enviro Science from Native American Stories

$95 usd
Wed Oct 30, 10:30 AM - Wed Dec 18, 12:00 PM (EDT)
Sunflower Studio, Bethel, CT, USA  

Discovering our world through Native American stories and hands-on projects!

Using the wonderful Keeper series by Michael J. Caduto as the backbone for this class, students will be engaged in Native American stories from all over North America featuring animals and their habitats.

There will be science experiments, lots of hands-on creative projects, along with working on digital media designs to showcase at our Student Exhibition Nights!

Why is this class so special? This class has been developed exclusively as a partnership between Find Us Outside and Sunflower Studio to create a hands-on, project-based, immersive science experience from a unique Native American viewpoint. This one-of-a-kind science approach is for the science loving and the not so science driven child! Storytelling, art, experimentation, discovery, and science will all collide during these classes! Students can take one class independently or for a complete experience, take them together based on the students needs.

Classes that are part of this unique program are:
Ages 6-9 • Earth/Environmental Science from Native American Stories
Ages: 4+ • Outdoor Earth/Environmental Science Immersion

Students can enroll at any time, contact us to register after the first class - please contact us with any questions you may have!
Note: No class November 20 & 27
Session One Student Exhibition date: Jan. 23

Adrianne Roberts

Director of Wonder & Lead Educator
Sunflower Studio, Bethel, CT, USA
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